Cake Bakery Muffin Donut Pastry 5mm Acrylic Display Cabinet

Cake Bakery Muffin Donut Pastry 5mm Acrylic Display Cabinet

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Give your customers the perfect viewing of your pastries and donuts!

No more worries about hygiene and cleanliness. This fantastic display cabinet will be a plus for both customers and store employees.

This two-tier display unit is sturdy and attractive and is just what is needed to complete your shop. This appealing and efficient countertop display is essential for any cafe, convenience store, kiosk, bar counter or market stall. You can maintain essential sanitation standards while at the same time allow your customers to have a panoramic view of your products. Your food products will be safe and secure in this anti-theft display.

Your employees will thank for this display stand. It is easy to both stock and clean through handy access doors.

Ideal for - although not limited to - displaying cup cakes, muffins, cakes, donuts, pastries, slices, cookies, packs of chips, chocolate bars any other packaged non refrigerated food. The unit is perfect for displaying jewelry and watches, sunglasses and other small, lightweight products. But no matter what you choose to display, your customers won"t be able to resist the contents showcased in this attractive and convenient two-tier unit.

This large display unit is constructed of toughened UV protected acrylic. The case is attractive and the high quality acrylic is as clear as glass!

This display cabinet is perfect for the busy café food service manager or to heighten theft prevention measures in a retail outlet or market stall. This versatile cabinet will be an added benefit to your shop and it won"t take up very much precious bench space!

Overall size:267Wx267Dx267Hmm, 20mm circle cut out on sliding door, all material is 5mm thick thoughened UV protected acrylic

Consider purchasing more than one unit and sit them side by side in order to display all your products in one convenient location.