Pantry Organisation

The weather is getting warmer and I love a good spring clean when we are transitioning into a new season. I always start with my kitchen and pantry moving towards the bedrooms and bathrooms. I don’t have the perfect pantry, I have that awkward corner cupboard where it’s so difficult to reach things especially when they get shoved to the back! I am finally happy and content with what I have because I have learnt how to organise it and to use it in a practical way.

Having a small pantry cupboard is really difficult, but over the years I have learnt how to maximise my space and I am going to share this with you today.

Start by emptying your whole pantry cupboard by giving away what you know you won’t be using and discard of anything which has expired.

2. Invest in different sized baskets, I purchased mine from @mr_price. (Best thing I have done!)

3. Make a categorised list of the items you keep in the pantry for example: cereal, canned food, school snacks, baking etc.

4. Get some laminated labels made. It’s much easier for you to find the basket you are looking for.

5. Try to not buy a lot of shelf food in bulk. Buy as you need this way your pantry doesn’t get too full.

6. I store my baskets on the shelfs knowing how important or how much I use it, for example, cereals and canned food would be towards the middle shelf as I would be needing those baskets daily.

7. I keep the kids snacks and treats where they can reach and help them self’s so it’s easily available for them.

8. Larger bottles and boxes don’t got into any baskets, I add them onto the bottom shelf and in all the corners. Maximise all the space possible.

9. My spices are all on 1 shelf in clear bottles. I don’t like different bottles as this looks very untidy.

10. Add a light in the pantry if possible I know my pantry used to get really dark and frustrating when I needed to look for something.

11. Finally add a freshener into your pantry it smells amazing when opening the cupboard and takes away all those spice smells.

I hope this helps you organising your small pantry cupboard till we get our dream one.