Make a Bar in Your Home

While meeting friends for a drink at a bar can make for a fun night out, being able to mix up your own alcoholic beverages at home for guests or a quiet night in is also nice. To give your home a designated entertaining area and to keep all your alcohol and other needed ingredients in one space, create a small bar in your home. Depending on the size and layout of your space, this can range from a cabinet or counter space to installing a wine cooler or bar top and shelves.

At minimum, wine glasses and beer mugs can be found in most residential homes as wine and beer are the most common alcoholic beverages of choice for adults. And for wine drinkers, keeping the wine glasses and related accessories such as a corkscrew and wine stoppers in the same area is convenient and easy.

However, if you, your spouse, or frequent guests prefer a mixed drink or hard liquor, it can be worth adding other, specialized glasses to your collection. For those who love to relax with a margarita, margarita glasses and a blender would be worth the investment. Cocktail glasses, cocktail shakers, and shot glasses are a good idea for creating a range of mixed drinks while rocks glasses and brandy or cognac glasses are good to have on hand to properly savor harder liquors.

Being able to store or display your alcohol with your glasses and other bar accessories will further create a designated bar area in your home. This can be done in several ways from a single wine rack or a small wine cooler to a tray or set of shelves for your liquor. An undercounter refrigerator or freezer is ideal for storing beer, open bottles of alcohol, and any other ingredients such as juice, frosted beer mugs, and water. Undercounter units are a great compromise because while they can fit behind an actual bar top, they can also fit perfectly underneath a countertop or stand unobtrusively on their own without taking up too much space.

Regardless of how you set up your area, creating a bar area in your home will not only give you a designated space for all of your drink-related things but it can also add an extra element of sophistication to the space and create a go-to entertainment area when hosting guests.