Kitchen storage is a problem for homeowners everywhere

However, clever planning and using space efficiently can make even the smallest of rooms feel bigger.

To get the ball rolling, you could store items on top of your cabinets or try hanging utensils off the sides of your countertops, and the space under your kitchen island is superb for storing more than just a bar stool! There are so many items within your kitchen that will fit perfectly in this space, from microwaves to display units and, suddenly, you have much more room without having to do any major kitchen remodeling.

Does this sound like an idea for your home? You’re in luck because our design team has planned some brilliant options that will utilize that small space beneath your breakfast bar – take a look.
Wine rack

Make some room on your countertops and build a purposeful wine wrack. Not only does this create a cleaner and clearer space at your eye-level, but it also adds a cute feature to your kitchen.

Alternatively, you could opt for a spice rack.
Drinks fridge
Of course, not everybody drinks red wine, so another consideration is to add a drinks fridge.  These are a great feature when you’re hosting as your guests have a clear view of what’s on offer and, from there, can help themselves.

A simple solution that doesn’t require vast amounts of planning is to bring your kitchen cabinets round and under your worktop. Cupboards are great because they contain any amount of mess that is hidden behind them (e.g. pans and storage containers).

A nice addition is a pull-out trash bin with a front to match the cabinets or wood panel of your island or counter, which is fantastic when preparing vegetables as you can sweep any peels straight into it.
Shelves don’t always need to be built at eye-level; they also make a stunning kitchen design feature when organized the right way. You could display a couple of your favorite cookbooks, utensils, and maybe a cute plant or two.
Hide your microwave
Microwaves are bulky and don’t look pretty, but we can’t live without them! This is why we love this next idea: building a dedicated shelf beneath your breakfast bar. Now, you don’t have to look at it so much and you have more space on your worktop!
Display unit

Do you have special dishes or a tea set that deserves to be displayed? Building showcase cabinet with glass fronts will give those treasured items a place to shine. They also make good conversation pieces.
Why not make a combination?
If you have enough space, you could try mixing and matching some of these ideas together! How about box shelves with a wine rack incorporated into it, or cupboards with a built-in spice rack?

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