If you’ve never used cork in any of your DIY projects you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun features and ideas

We’re not talking just about cork sheets but also about wine corks which, believe it or not, can be upcycled in lots of interesting and clever ways. You can find some of our favorite cork crafts below. We hope they’ll inspire you to try your own cork-based projects soon.

Cork boards are something we’re all familiar with and while you could just buy one we think it’s much more fun to make it yourself from scratch. This way you can customize it in a way that makes it suit your decor better plus this project is actually a lot of fun to work on. The secret to this wooden framed cork board is decorative tissue paper.

A framed map bulletin board is another fun and interesting project you could do. What you’ll need for this is a map of your choice, cork board the same size as the map, plywood (also in the same size), right angle corner trim, spray paint, wood glue and a nail gun. Once the map is done, you can it as an educational tool or use it to plan or mark your vacation routes.

I don’t know about you but I really love those big cork lids that you can find on some decorative jars or bottles. The thing is they’re not that easy to find plus they can be pretty expensive but the really good news is that you can make those yourself. To make your own decorative cork jar you’re going to need a jar or a bottle, some spray paint (this can be optional), thick cork, a pencil and a very sharp craft knife.

This right here is a cork notice strip, something you can add to a variety of spaces and surfaces. For example, add this to your desk so you have a place to pin and organize reminders on, to the back of a door, a wall, a cabinet and pretty much any other surface you can think of. It’s very easy to make using self-adhesive cork strips, wood strips, paint and sticky foam pads.

Cork coasters aren’t exactly news but you can make them look cool and interesting if you want to. Take for example these ampersand coasters. They definitely stand out and that’s just one example of how you can customize your own set to make it interesting and better suited for your own style.

Similarly you could make cork leaf trivets which are still very practical and versatile but also stand out and look interesting at the same time. They’re also super easy to make as well. You only need some cork, a craft knife, felt, spray adhesive and some card stock. If you’re not particularly fond of the leaves, come up with your own special design.

Now let’s talk about wine corks and how you can use them to make cool and interesting things which you can use in your home or office. One idea is to make a cork monogram. The number of wine corks needed for this depends on what letter you choose and on the size of the monogram. Check out the details on diys.

This cork tissue box cover is also a very easy project. It’s also a cute way to personalize your tissue boxes plus you can then pin things on them. The required supplies include cork sheets, strong glue, a craft knife and also some paint and painter’s tape in case you want to add some color to your design. You can find the instructions on diys.

Use individual wine corks to make folded paper hearts which you can display on a shelf or mantel on Valentine’s Day. All you need is some colored paper, scissors, wooden skewers, wine corks and a hole punch. Check out the tutorial for this lovely project on design-fixation.

Of course, one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to cork projects is going to be a cork board so if you’re planning to craft one you might as well make it look interesting. A cool idea in this sense can be found on experthometips. That’s where you can find out how this heart-shaped cork board was made and how you can make something just as lovely.

Here’s something cool you can make for your kitchen: a wine cork utensil holder. It’s all super easy actually. Just take an empty can and glue wine corks all over it so you cover the entire exterior. Start from the bottom and make sure the corks sit flat on the counter. You can find out more about this project on amagicalmess.

Did you know you can turn wine corks into tiny planters? You can put little magnets on them so you can display them on your fridge. It’s a cute way to add some greenery to your home. If you don’t want to use real plants you can opt for the faux kind. It would still look cute and interesting and it might actually make the project easier.

The cork base is actually the least interesting part of this amazing table number project. It’s something that you can do for various special events, including a wedding. The design it elegant and stylish and it also has a nice casual allure thanks to the cork section. Check out one-o to find out more about it.

Here’s a little something you can do to keep your desk organized: a cute wire and cork holder for things like paper clips, tape rolls and other items that end up making a mess on your desk. Actually, you could use something like this in your bathroom to keep all your hair clips in one place. In any case, the project is explained in detail on thethingsshemakes.

The last project on our list is perfect for fall and just in time because soon you’ll start prepping for Halloween. These wine cork pumpkins would look beautiful whether you display them indoor on a shelf or mantel or outside, perhaps as a wreath on your front door or on your patio. Be sure to check out alwaystheholidays to find out how they’re made.

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