Emails Are the Worst, But Your Cubicle Doesn’t Have To Be

Picture this: A wad of files stacked in disarray, an uncomfortable chair situated directly under the air conditioning vent, corporate-looking Post-It Notes that definitely do not spark joy. Then, imagine this: A tropical-scented candle that reminds you of your last vacation, a heart-shaped cactus perched next to your computer, and a linen blanket to shield you from that draft. We might not be able to get you to inbox zero or cure your case of the Mondays, but we can help your cubicle. 

Given that we spend most of our day at work, why not put some effort into making that space a little bit homier? Sometimes, a few personal touches are all it takes to lighten the mood—which, when it’s Wednesday afternoon and you’re well into hour three of sitting at your desk and staring at a screen, is no small feat. 
Set the Scene Pioneer Candle, Nomad Noe ($65)
A sea-salt-and-coconut–scented candle will instantly create a calming atmosphere—plus, it’s a better way to ward off unsavory smells from a nearby microwave than spraying Febreze everywhere. 
Organize Your Time Colorblock Pink & Red Planner, Papier ($28.99)
Don’t settle for a boring planner when color-blocked options like this one exist. With both monthly and weekly settings, you can make sure those deadlines never get missed. 
Corral Loose Papers Marbled Desk Tray, Hightide ($11.95)
Nothing is more stressful than being surrounded by stacks of random files, having to look for one specific item within those piles, and then leaving the whole thing more of a mess than it was when you started. Avoid the headache with a sleek desk tray dedicated to in-progress documents. (As soon as you deal with one, stow it in your filing cabinet or toss it in the recycling.) And if that doesn’t work, an Advil or two might. 
Caffeinate in Style The Mug, East Fork Pottery ($36)
Bringing your own mug from home turns sipping that Keurig coffee into a ritual to look forward to, and this East Fork ceramic piece doubles as a chic desktop addition. 
Let It Out Gel Pens (set of 12), Muji ($11.99)
It’s not the biggest change in the world, but trust us, writing down your to-do list each morning with a fun colored pen makes it less of a chore. 
Don’t Forget to Hydrate Korken Bottle, IKEA ($2.99)
Consider this stoppered bottle the silent reminder that you need to drink more water. Keep it filled up on a corner of your cubicle to avoid constant trips to the kitchen and cut down on your plastic use in one fell swoop. 
Hold It All Together Speckled White Well, Virginia SIN ($48)
Loose odds and ends are a thing of the past with this hand-made ceramic vessel. Use it to store the office supplies you use most often, or to display dried flowers.
Stay Warm  Simple Linen Throw, Hawkins New York ($150)
When you’re battling the office AC or dealing with a particularly frosty winter, a cozy throw blanket is a must. Cocoon yourself in this ochre-hued piece from Hawkins New York so you can focus on the task at hand, not the temperature. 
Breathe Easy  Hoya Heart, The Sill ($21)
Pick an air-purifying plant that won’t wither away and die if you forget to water it (or if your cubicle doesn’t have a ton of light), like a Sansevieria or Hoya succulent. 
Stop Clutter in Its Tracks  Desktop Jars, Present & Correct ($11.67)
Give all those little items that always seem to worm their way into every open space, like paper clips or rubber bands, a permanent home. 
Keep Track of Everything  Tower Notes Block, Poketo ($10)
Ideal for jotting down points from a conference call (and leaving passive aggressive reminders in the communal refrigerator), this block of sticky notes will also add a pop of color to your desk. Win-win, all around. 

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