Electoral Commission says voter verification exercise was a success

The Electoral Commission has said the just-concluded voter verification exercise was a successful one but warned it will not be extended again.

The elections body in November announced an exercise in which voters were asked to update the details in the national register but the same was extended twice due to overwhelming numbers and other unfavorable weather conditions but the exercise ended on Monday.

In a statement the Electoral Commission chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama said despite a successful exercise, they will not extend the process.

There shall be no further extension of the exercise. Registration as a voter and application for transfer of voting particulars from one polling station to another will not be conducted after today,Byabakama said.

The Commission appreciates the support of various stakeholders in the electoral process for their role in mobilising eligible persons to register and/or apply for transfer of voting location.

Byabakama, however, urged all stakeholders to participate in other electoral activities as scheduled in the roadmap for the 2020/2021 general elections.

The Electoral Commission in December last year unveiled the roadmap for the 2021 general elections in which they said that presidential and parliamentary elections will be held between January 11 and February 9, 2021.

The commission, however, appealed to government, particularly Cabinet and the Legislature, to ensure timely amendment and or enactment of the relevant electoral laws, including considerations of recommendations by the Supreme Court.

The roadmap after the verification of voters register

January 20, 2020:Cut-off of update of the National Voters Register and compilation of youth, PwDs, older persons and workers registers in line with ECA Sec. 19(7) & 19(8)(a).
January 21, 2020-January 25:Retrieval of update returns from parish to EC headquarters.
January 29, 2020- March 8:Capture of update returns and compilation of display register.
December 30, 2019- January 3, 2020:Gazette and publish polling stations and display period in line with ECA Sec. 25(1) & Sec. 33(3).
March 19, 2020-April 8:Display of the National Voters Register at each polling station in line with ECA Sec. 24(1) & Sec. 25(1).
April 10, 2020- April 20:Display of Tribunal recommendations at each Parish in line with ECA Sec. 25(1a).
April 21, 2020-May 1:Retrieval of NVR display returns from polling stations to EC headquarters.
May 2, 2020- May 31:Cleaning and processing the National Voters Register for nominations
March 30, 2020- April 3:Gazette and publish candidates nomination dates and venues in line with Presidential Elections Act Sec. 8(1), Parliamentary Elections Act Sec.4 (4)(a), Sec. 9(1) & Local Govt Act Sec. 119(1).
July 20, 2020: July 24, 2020:Nomination of candidates (local governments, including SIGs) in line with Section 119(1).
Aug12, 2020-August 13:Nomination of candidates (Parliamentary) in line with Section 9.
Aug 20, 2020-August 21:Nomination of candidates (presidential) in line with Sec 8.
Issuance of Electronic Copies of the NVR to Participating Political Parties & Organizations. In line with ECA Sec. 18A.
Sep 2, 2020- January 9, 2021:Campaigns (presidential) in line with Sec. 21(1).
July 29, 2020- October 27:Production, printing and delivery of ballot papers
August 16, 2020- January 9, 2021:Campaigns (Parliamentary) in line with Sec 20.
July 30, 2020-January 9, 2021:Campaigns (Local governments, including SIGs)

Oct 7, 2020- Jan 5, 2021:Packing of polling kits
January 11, 2021-February 9:Polling period (presidential & parliamentary) in line with Article 61(2)
January 11, 2021- February 9:Polling period (Local governments, including SIGs).

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