Stop emotional eating: Write a 5 x 5 list
Distraction gets a bad rap in our culture: it’s associated with mindless behavior like texting while driving (or walking, for that matter) or with a lack of focus. But distraction—when it means redirecting our attention in a focused, purposeful way—can be one of your best weapons against emotional eating. It “can shake loose thoughts of eating and put an end to the loop of food chatter that makes you mindlessly munch,” writes Susan Albers, PsyD in 50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food. “By giving yourself something else to do or focus on, you give yourself time for the thought about food or the emotion driving you to eat to cool down and dissipate.” Trying this exercise: Take out a piece of paper, and write down five quick lists of five items each: five people you can call when you feel down, upset, or angry; five ways to relax (ex: take a hot shower); five places to go to calm down (ex: your porch); five things you can say to yourself under stress (ex: “This too will pass”); and five activities to distract yourself (ex: watch a show on Netflix). Display this list on your refrigerator or a kitchen cabinet. Next time you’re driven to snack to soothe yourself, look at the list and choose one of the 25. Do it for five minutes, and be sure to give it your entire attention.

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