10 Ways to Design Your Master Bath for Maximum Storage

by Laura Gaskill

Get ideas for building storage into your bathroom with cabinets, shelves, drawers, benches and more

When youre tackling a bathroom remodel whether with the help of abathroom designer,architectorcontractorincludingample, efficient storage is an important consideration.Read on for 10 inspiring examples of master bathrooms that get storage right, and see if one (or more) of these ideas might work in your space.
1. Upper Cabinets

Upper cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling can offer lots of extra storage space, even in a not-huge bathroom. Consider mixing up cabinets with solid doors, glass doors and open shelving for a visually interesting look that also provides the perfect spot to stash different kinds of items, as seen in this space fromMartinkovic Milford Architects.
2. Extra-Long Vanity

If youre lucky enough to have a large space to work with, why not fill it with an extra-long storage-packed vanity? A standard double-sink vanity is 60 to 72 inches long (up to 6 feet), while the one shown here fromBlackband Designmeasures in at just under 12 feet long. Thats a lot of storage space for toiletries and counter space to make use of.
3. Freestanding Shelving

Freestanding pieces like the pair of tagres shown in this space designed byWendy Glaister Interiors allows you to introduce color and texture along with extra storage. If you want to ensure your master bath feels as rich and varied as any other room in the house, this may be a good option.
4. Storage Bench

With a fireplace and roomy freestanding tub, I doubt youd ever want to leave this bathroom. But this space also hides a storage secret a sleek built-in storage bench perfect for perching by the fireandstashing spare towels.
5. Bathtub-Adjacent Shelving

If your master bath includes a freestanding tub, consider adding open shelving nearby, as in this space fromOld Hillsboro Building Co. The positioning makes it perfect for keeping bath products and fluffy towels within reach.
6. Spa Storage

Have a little nook to fill? Think about adding a small changing area like you might find in a spa. With a bench seat, hooks for robes and a shelf of neatly rolled towels, thisClarity Home Interiorsbath sets a Zen-like tone.
7. Dressing Room

If youre remodeling your master bedroom as well as the bath, its important to think about flow between the two spaces. Would positioning a dressing area closer to the bathroom make getting ready more convenient? If so, you might want to look into a setup similar to the one seen here fromID.ology Interiors & Design, with a dresser-like island in the center and ample ceiling-height wardrobes along the wall.
8. Glass-Front Cabinets

Recessed cabinets with glass fronts offer a sleek take on bathroom storage. In this space byNorth Star Kitchens, a high-contrast palette and warm gold-colored hardware partners with streamlined cabinetry to create a rich, elegant look.

9. Dressing Table

Tired of makeup and toiletries scattered across the countertops? A dressing table might be the remedy you need. Filling out the corner of this bathroom byPlain and Posh, a dressing table separates a pair of sinksto provide a serene spot to sit and plenty of space to spread out.
10. Open Shelves

Having ample storage hidden behind closed doors is essential to creating a master bath that feels peaceful and uncluttered. That said, its equally helpful to have a bit of space dedicated to items you want to be able to grab quickly and easily and for that, open shelves are just the ticket. In this space fromRochelle Cote Interior Design, lower shelves hold fresh towels; wall shelves display decor; and everything else is tucked neatly away in drawers and behind cabinet doors.

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